Zibah – New Beginning Lyrics

Zibah - New Beginning Lyrics

Zibah – New Beginning Lyrics

Mmm, yeah
Mmmmm yeah
Mmm yeah mmmm
Yeah mmmm
Heyiii yeah2x,

Said its too late to go back now,
Its a new, #new #beginning,
Yesterday, it gone thank God its too late
Whole new beginning

Heyiiiii yeah
True, True, true , true

Now, am flying on eagles wings
For the Lord he is my strength
And #Christ in me #glory
A whole new beginning
Mmmm for my shame, I have double honour
For pain, always healed,
And if God’s for me, who dare stand
Said if God’s for me who dare stand
Oh I know that God’s with me who dare stand

And now it’s Alright to move on now
It’s a new new beginning,
Yesterday its gone,thank God its Alright Alright
Said its alright to move on now,
Its a new new beginning, Yesterday its gone
Whole new beginning,

And I ain’t going back, no
I ain’t going no, I ain’t going back to 3x to ignorance, no more, no no no no
Said I ain’t going to , I ain’t going back no
No I ain’t going back to pain and shame
Never no no no no
Yesterday is gone Whole beginning (I’ll tell you what)
Of joy, of #peace, of #love love love, increase in Glory and honor, strength , ohohoh yeah
A whole new beginning,
Get used to it, I have stepped into my new beginning
Yesterday is gone 2x of darkness is gone, a whole new beginning
Get used to it, I’ve stepped up into my new level, see me watching me flying on eagles wings
A whole new beginning

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