Eric kwadwo owusu. Born in 11 February, 1983. In Noberkaw AHAFO.

Mother’s name, AKUA NKRUMAH , father’s name Mr. kwame Mensah. Have three sisters and Three brothers.

Started basic education at Noberkaw AHAFO Region.
Hon. ERIC KWADWO-OWUSU move to south Africa while he was 21 yrs, spent most of his time in south Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Japan, Mauritius and currently settled at Columbus Ohio USA .

Hon.Eric kwadwo owusu is an entrepreneur who does a lot of business.

Honourable Eric has established his own social intervention program called “MAMA AFRICA FOUNDATION” at USA as headquarters with sub-branches at South Africa,UK New Zealand & Noberkaw in the Asunafo South District (Ahafo Region) which aimed to transform the life of others specifically Ghanaians & Africans at large.

This intervention has helped many Africans to travel to leave greener pastures in many developed countries (i.e Europe).
Aside helping other to travel to find better lives, this intervention have not left out the good people in his own hometown & mother country (Ghana):

Through this intervention, Honourable Eric have been rendering financial support to individuals across Ghana in other for them to enjoy a sound living.

This same Mama Africa Foundation has fed thousands of people within Ahafo through an initiative called “DIDI FREE” (Eat for free).

Donations of educational items to some selected schools in Asunafo South District (Ahafo).

Eric kwadwo owusu has always wanted to see the best out of people lives.
He always strives for good opportunities for people regardless.

He’s not selfish and he is always advocating for people to travel overseas for better living.

Eric kwadwo owusu has five children namely,Emmanuel owusu, Eric kwadwo owusu junior, comfort owusu, clement owusu and Daelani owusu. Most of his kids are currently living in USA.

Email… [email protected]
[email protected]
phone:.+1(614)8154118 (USA)
+233 24 633 7339(Ghana)

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