Sugar Daddies Control and Eat T0ng@ better than young guys – 19yr Old Lady

Unlike the sugar daddies, 85 percent of young Ghanaian boys don’t know how to control and eat the T0ng@, according to a young lady.

Loveth Augustina D. Takyi, a photo model and video vixen, claimed in a self-recorded video that a friend of hers came to her bemoaning the fact that her lover does not make her c)m.

Guys not making girls c)m during intercourse, according to her, is due to the fact that, unlike sugar daddies, most of them don’t know how to control and consume the t0ng@.

Men in their 40s, according to her experience, are matured enough to handle and eat the t0ng@. She said that these men are skilled at licking the t0ng and inducing org@sms in young women.

Watch Video below

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