Stop Whitening Your Teeth Using Internet Concoctions, Dentist To Ghanaians

David Domey, a senior dental technician at the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Ghana’s Western region, has warned Ghanaians to cease using online concoctions to whiten their teeth.

A sector of Ghanaians has developed a desire to whiten their teeth. On the internet, there are a plethora of concoctions that claim to deliver such benefits.

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Dr. Domey, on the other hand, has recommended Ghanaians to seek expert dental care rather than risk exposing their teeth to more severe discomfort.

“Teeth whitening is something that you do when you bleach your teeth, it’s like beaching your skin,” he told Empire FM.
You have no idea where that product is coming from when you use it.”

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“So, I recommend that you see your dentist because the stuff you’re consuming has a lot of acids, which may have caused your teeth to become sensitive.
So, when you bleach your teeth, you’re exposing your teeth to sensitivity, which could be permanent and therefore untreatable.”

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“You have no idea what they’re utilizing to make that chemical. Your dentist will either undertake tooth whitening or employ the scaling and polishing approach. He’ll remove the calculus particles from between your teeth.”

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