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Steps to Stop Lottery Messages from 787

Written by XtraBeatz

Receiving texts from unknown or undesired numbers is one of the most inconvenient things. This is something that most telecommunications firms like doing.
They mostly bombard our inboxes with promotional bundles and bargains email which we may or may not be interested.

One of these mails that is very boring is 787 lotteries messages. Many individuals in Ghana have been receiving unsolicited text texts such as 787 lotteries.

We’ve done a thorough online research in the last several days to figure out how to prevent these unsolicited texts.
Fortunately, I discovered a solution.

Of course, according to the National Communications Authority (NCA), in order to prevent a sender sending unsolicited communications, simply send stop to the sender’s number.

Unfortunately, messages via 787 lotteries do not have a specific number and therefore the above approach may not work. See below the complete to stop messages from 787.

To do this, we will just use the True Caller App.

  • Open your Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search for True Caller
  • Tap on it and tap download
  • Wait for the app to finish download and installing.
  • Open the true caller application by tapping on the launcher on your phone.
  • Swipe to the left section to the business tab.
  • Press and hold the 787 messages.
  • Click on the top right triple dot icon.
  • Tap block.

That’s all, you will no longer receive messages from 787 lotteries again.


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