Pastor Claims: The Holy Spirit instructed him to have s*x with Daughter

A Ghanaian pastor has been arrested for defiling his adolescent daughter and claiming that the Holy Spirit instructed him to have sex with her.
The suspect was picked up by the Ashanti regional Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit. (DOVVSU).

According to, the 41-year-old pastor, Pastor Kwame Nkansah, who also works as a carpenter and founded the African Faith Church, accused his biological daughter of breaking her virginity in December last year, and as a result, he has to sleep with her to cleanse her of all spiritual infirmities trailing her for having premarital s*ex.

Despite her denial of the charges leveled against her, the 16-year-old was forced to accept it under duress.
This allowed her father to sexually abuse her by claiming the Holy Spirit had instructed him to wash her of the terrible omen of premarital sex.

The young girl, who was uncomfortable with the behavior, apparently spoke up to certain neighbors, through whom the police gathered information and eventually arrested the pastor.

Superintendent Suzanna Dery, regional coordinator for DOVVSU, stated that the suspect warned his child after the act not to open up to anyone or she would die.
She went on to say that the youngster was traumatized when she was rescued by the police and was later taken to the hospital for a medical check-up, but she is doing OK now.

According to Supt Dery, the suspect initially denied the crime but then confessed to the investigating officer.

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