Odartey Lamptey to Ignore Ex Wife and Give 7-Bedroom East Legon House to Daughter

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Following their divorce in June 2017, Nii Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife, Gloria, was ordered to vacate the footballer’s seven-bedroom mansion in East Legon by a High Court Judge, Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey.

The Judge had ordered her to be compensated with GH200,000, a car, and Odartey Lamptey’s Dome mansion.

Gloria Appiah filed an appeal after being dissatisfied with the result, requesting that the court add the 7-bedroom mansion to her rights.

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Last year, however, all three judges who heard the appeal found in Mr Odartey Lamptey’s favor.

The couple’s journey began in 2013, when DNA tests revealed that Nii Odartey Lamptey’s three daughters were not her biological children.

Inside Story

A former member of the Black Stars Lamptey Nii Odartey

•On Thursday, Odartey Lamptey claims his daughter guaranteed him victory.

•He is relieved that after eight years, he can finally move into his home.

•While the case was being heard in court, he rented apartments.

Nii Odartey Lamptey, a former Ghana footballer, has pledged to give his daughter his seven-bedroom mansion in East Legon when he recovers it from his ex-wife Gloria Appiah.

The house is the subject of a court battle between Odartey and his former wife, Gloria Appiah, with the Court of Appeal rejecting Gloria Appiah’s plea for possession.

The verdict means Odartey can return to the residence, but Gloria Appiah, as has been the case for the past seven years, might file another appeal to prevent Odartey from entering.

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Odartey Lamptey said in an interview with Angel FM that his daughter told him that he will win the case before the court ruling on July 15, 2021.

In turn, he assured the daughter that if the court ruled in his favor, he would give her the house.

“As we prepared to go to court, my daughter informed me that we would win, and I promised her that if we did, I would give her the house,” he added.

Despite owning two mansions, he said that he has been living in rented apartments for the past eight years.

“Since the initial judgement, I’ve been renting for eight years, while my ex-wife lives in my seven-bedroom property in East Legon, in addition to the four-bedroom house she was handed by the court.

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“When I’m alone in my room, I cry occasionally.
“My kids occasionally encourage me and tell me not to cry,” he explained.

“Today, on my way to court, my firstborn hugged me and told me that I would win and that we would be able to move into our own home.
I promised her that if I won, I’d give her the house.
That’s my only source of motivation right now.”



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