Lyrics: Captain Planet (4×4) – Abodie Ft Kuami Eugene

Intro: Kuami Eugene

What be your matter
Mo mp3 s3 m3ni b3 gyi w) wiase
Anka mi dika nti y3 ba na mi shish3 mpaasi
But man no be God nti mi nhyira nu mapacky
Hai mapacky haa haa ha
Bue bue bue bue obi nya wo ay3
Ha ye ha ye ha ye ha yee )tan b3 ku mo 2x
S3 nyame hyira woa no abodie no abodie no abodie
Atanfo b3su maa maa heii

Verse: 1 Captain Planet 4×4

24/7 Mi ma mo pressure pressure pressure
Mi mi y3 National Treasure treasure treasure
Yesu adom nti mi sei da sei da sei da
I dey drive them crazy rough rider rider rider
Bad belle people dem dey try underrate
We dey smoke all of them like them be cigarette
Mi ntii wo case joe i dey elevate
Nobody here fit to intimidate
And your girlfriend self she dey beg for a date
Blessings on blessings
Low key them dey learn all my lessons
Friends wey them dey jealous confessing
Me & nobody get no confusion
I dey come for my peaceful transition
Now wey i go spark like ignition
This year we go pass them distinction
Borga gyaigyimi nu no competition

Verse: 2

You dey pray for my downfall
No Banku still granding we dey stand tall
Nyame na 3hyira mi full annointing
Hw3 Mi ho angwa sorkyii s3 frytol
M3nfa wo reggae 3mb3sei mi dancehall
Sasa bonsam koraa mi nsuro no
Na eny3 mboatia eduoson nsong

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