Alleged Bedroom Photo Of Sarkodie And Side Chick Pops up Online

A photo circulating online purported to be Sarkodie and his side chick cuddling each other after an intense sexual intercourse has surfaced online.

We can’t authoritatively confirm if the man in the photo is Sarkodie although the resemblance is striking and at this point, we are going to treat this as a mere rumour that could only fester in the grapevine.

In other news, Sarkodie, the popular Ghanaian rapper and businessman, has told how his first-ever recorded album was shelved because all of the songs were about his shattered heart.


According to the rapper, he recorded his state of mind and mood on the songs he was working on for the album at the time because he wanted to pour his heart out and sentiments on the songs after his heart was shattered.

Although the melodies on the songs don’t sound the same when you hear them, he claims that if you listen to them closely enough, you’ll see that he’s talking about the same time-broken-heart narrative over and over and over again.

Alleged Bedroom Photo Of Sarkodie And Side chick Pops up Online

Sarkodie said in an exclusive interview with Tilly Akua Nipaa on One Play Africa’s “Bold Convo” that he hated ladies to the point where he couldn’t stand them while making the album.

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