5 Elements of a Good Music

Producing good music is a complex task, yet the end results is fulfilling, just like when we discovered However, creating of good music comes at a heavy cost, backed by talent and skills. Even with aptitude and skills, having great proficiency at playing instruments or singing doesn’t necessarily mean you can create good music with ease.

The complexity of telling a story, expressing emotion or idea of the song requires someone with depth knowledge about music to produce good music. But we can educate you on five key characteristics you can find in a good music or good production.

Below are five Characteristics of Good Music;

Perfect Intro

Any good music needs a perfect intro that can keep listeners eager to hear what is next, it actually defines the song.

Kiteretsunu said, A rather bland intro of a really great song doesn’t make the song really great. An intro is the most important piece of music after the outro, and the quality of it most either makes or breaks the song.”


Melody is popularly defined as a sweet or agreeable succession or arrangement of sounds, hence it’s a core element to check when listening of producing a good music. Melody is arguably the backbone of the song, as they are usually repeated throughout a composition. Melodies are very distinguishable and are often singable. Therefore, any good music should have a unique melody.

However, Johann Philipp Kirnberger argued that “The true goal of music—its proper enterprise—is melody. All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose only beautiful melody. Therefore, the question of which is the more significant, melody or harmony, is futile. Beyond doubt, the means is subordinate to the end.”

Harmony & Rhythm

Rhythm are like the skeleton of good music, they are the results of combining notes of different durations, sometimes coinciding with the beat and sometimes not.

Whiles melodies are core to song composition, there are ‘lead’ instruments which play melodies (such as the voice, wind instruments, etc.) at the same time, others that accompany them doing something else. The relationship between different notes played at the same time is what we call harmony. Therefore, any good song or good production should have these elements present.

Powerful Vocals

Laying vocals on any instrumentals garnished harmony and rhythm doesn’t necessarily make a song good, but a distinctive voice does. It is known for a fact that an iconic voice makes an iconic song.

Musician like, Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, Efya, Michael Jackson, King Promise use their vocal power to propel good and enjoyable music. The benefit of having powerful vocals is helps in composition of good music.

Meaningful Lyrics

With all these said, having a powerful vocal, harmony & rhythm, melody and perfect intro without meaningful lyrics defeats the purpose of a good music.

Music genres like, metal songs, Country Music, R&B, Rap usually top musical charts due to the lyrics. The lyrics should come from the heart of the performer and convey a sense of something, be it telling a tale or representing an idea, or produce emotional responses/understanding to the listener. Any good music should have meaningful lyrics, and it’s not arguable.

Music doesn’t have to be upbeat to be good, but whether it’s sad or happy or angry or confused, listeners generally should be glad they had the experience and want to experience it again sometime.

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