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3 Ways On How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked You Using Your Own Phone

3 Ways On How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked You Using Your Own Phone

3 Ways On How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked You Using Your Own Phone.

Have you ever been blocked by someone and you are wondering how you’ll ever call them again? You don’t have to worry. It’s not always something very difficult they you think. Your girlfriend/boyfriend might block you because you did something wrong to her and you want to apologize

You don’t have to look for another phone . Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways that will enable you to call him/her. I hope it’s going to be helpful to you.

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1.Call them through the landline phone.

Calling someone who has blocked you on the landline phones can only be achieved if you have the number.Research have proved that many landline phones do not allow blocking of numbers. If he/she blocked you and you really want to talk to them, you can call them through the land-based home phones

They will pick up if they don’t recognize your number. If they don’t pick up the call you can leave a text message since it will go through.

2.Disguise your caller ID.

This is another truck that you can use to call someone who blocked your number. They will receive your call without know who’s calling them. This is because your number will be hidden and you can bypass the block list. This can be achieved by any type of phone. For example Android, iphone and the small phone with buttons. When you’re calling it will not show your number since you’ve disguised your caller ID.

3.Change your number.

If someone blocked your number and you seriously need to talk to them about something, the other solution of reaching them through your phone is by changing you phone number. Buying another line can also just work. They will pick since they don’t know the owner of the numbers. But this is always very tricky since they can end up blocking you again.


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